• RFID Blank Card

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    RFID Blank Card

    ●Key Features of UHF RFID Blank card.
    ▶IP rating: IP68
    ▶Mounting:3M adhesive.
    ▶Working temperature:-25℃ to +85℃
    ▶Reading distance:>10m
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  • RFID High Temperature Anti-metal Tag

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    RFID High Temperature Anti-metal Tag

    This anti-metal tag is usually used for outdoor harsh environments and can be used in acid and alkali . Also suitable for extremely hot and cold environment. The tags are used for asset and equipement management. The guarntee is 1 years, The quality Qc are very strict.Read More

  • Global Frequency Uhf Metal Tag

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    Global Frequency Uhf Metal Tag

    Global frequency uhf metal tag can be application in power grid power, metal and non-metal shelves,asset management. The reading distance ca be up to 10m on metal when the reader power is 4W and 36db.Read More

  • RFID Nail Tags

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    RFID Nail Tags

    Kimeery Nail Tags enable RFID tagging of wooden assets and pallets for a variety of construction and transport applications. A durable fiberglass housing protects embedded electronics during installation and use. A standard drill hole allows the Nail Tag transponder to be...Read More

  • UHF RFID Nail Tags

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    UHF RFID Nail Tags

    ●Key Features of UHF RFID Nail Tags.
    ◆IP Rating:IP67
    ◆Application Environment:Trees management, plastics.
    ◆Working temperature:-25℃~85℃
    ◆Unit Weight:1.25g
    ◆Reading distance:2~3m(UHF Fixed reader)
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  • UHF Anti-metal ABS TAG

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    UHF Anti-metal ABS TAG

    ●Key Features of UHF anti-metal ABS TAG.
    ▶IP rating: IP68
    ▶Application:Metal or non-metal
    ▶Mounting:3M adhesive,magnet,screwing.
    ▶Working temperature:-25℃ to +85℃
    ▶Reading distance:>4m
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  • Anti Thief EAS With RFID Dual Band Smart Security Tag

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    Anti Thief EAS With RFID Dual Band Smart Security Tag

    It is encased with rough plastic,with the advantage of durable and reusable, offers cost-effective tagging solutions for industry customers and enables inventory visibility throughout the supply chain reducing shrinkage and out-of-stocks. The RFID+EAS hard tags upgrade the...Read More

  • Mini RFID Button Washable Tag

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    Mini RFID Button Washable Tag

    Mini RFID button washable tag meet almost requirements for temperature, pressure and chemical resistance in applications dealing with contactless garment tracking, such as that used by textile rental services or dry cleaners.Read More

  • RFID Laundry Transponder

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    RFID Laundry Transponder

    RFID Laundry tags can also count in the product tracking, warehouse. Machine repair vehicle identification. the use of chemical raw materials management environment. Is the almighty king of be worthy of the name. In addition to the anti-jamming design, high temperature is...Read More

  • Soft Flexible Anti-Metal Tag

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    Soft Flexible Anti-Metal Tag

    This UHF Soft flexible anti-metal tag is ISO18000-6C & EPCglobal Class I Gen 2 and IMPINJ Monza4QT 860-960MHZ and offer 1 Years Warranty.Read More

  • PPS Anti-Metal UHF Tag

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    PPS Anti-Metal UHF Tag

    Low temperature PPS anti-metal tag The introduction of PPS anti-metal tag. This tag is usually used inasset management, Inventory management,underground pipelines and the need for high or low temperature wear, corrosion and other harsh environments.The guarntee is 1 years,...Read More

  • PCB -40 Degree RFID Anti-metal Tags

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    PCB -40 Degree RFID Anti-metal Tags

    This tag is usually used in container and pallet for tracking. The volume is very small, and work well under durable environment. It is not only light weight but aslo it has an excellent performance. Comparable other tags, more than 7m reading distance on surface of metal...Read More

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