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  • PCB -40 Degree RFID Anti-metal Tags

    Contact NowPCB -40 Degree RFID Anti-metal TagsThis tag is usually used in container and pallet for tracking. The volume is very small, and work well under durable environment. It is not only light weight but aslo it has an excellent performance. Comparable other tags, more than 7m reading distance on surface of metal is smallest. The guarntee is 1.5 years, The quality Qc are very strict with.Read More

  • RFID High Temperature Anti-metal Tag

    Contact NowRFID High Temperature Anti-metal TagThis anti-metal tag is usually used for outdoor harsh environments and can be used in acid and alkali . Also suitable for extremely hot and cold environment. The tags are used for asset and equipement management. The guarntee is 1 years, The quality Qc are very strict.Read More

  • Mini RFID Button Washable Tag

    Contact NowMini RFID Button Washable TagMini RFID button washable tag meet almost requirements for temperature, pressure and chemical resistance in applications dealing with contactless garment tracking, such as that used by textile rental services or dry cleaners.Read More

  • UHF RFID Nail Tags

    Contact NowUHF RFID Nail Tags●Key Features of UHF RFID Nail Tags.
    ◆IP Rating:IP67
    ◆Application Environment:Trees management, plastics.
    ◆Working temperature:-25℃~85℃
    ◆Unit Weight:1.25g
    ◆Reading distance:2~3m(UHF Fixed reader)
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  • UHF Jewelry Lable

    Contact NowUHF Jewelry LableUHF jewelry lable is designed with long tail for surrounding rings or glasses. It is mainly used for anti-theft system for jewelry shops or luxury accessories etc.Read More


    Contact NowEVA RFID ASSET TAGSThis UHF rfid asset smart tags is made in eva material which can use in production line and warehouse and there are information on the tags such as which line,line low,which number.The frequency can be HF 13.56MHZ and UHF 860-960MHZ.Read More

  • PPS Anti-Metal UHF Tag

    Contact NowPPS Anti-Metal UHF TagLow temperature PPS anti-metal tag The introduction of PPS anti-metal tag. This tag is usually used inasset management, Inventory management,underground pipelines and the need for high or low temperature wear, corrosion and other harsh environments.The guarntee is 1 years, The quality Qc are...Read More

  • RFID Cement Tag

    Contact NowRFID Cement Tag1.RFID Cement Tag is a passive smart label,petite appearance and light weight.
    2.It is according to ISO18000-6C Standard to design.Long range identification and High-speed anti-collision mechanism,can be applied to the construction of a variety of cement construction program management.
    3.It works on UHF band of 902 ~ 928 MHz,which can be read in this frequency range anywhere in the world.
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  • RFID Goat Or Sheep Tags

    Contact NowRFID Goat Or Sheep Tags1.RFID goat or sheep tags are one-piece ear tags fixed on the ear of goat or sheep by plier, it can also be used on cows, pigs, horse, dogs, deer, donkey and other livestock.RFID goat or sheep tag is used for identification and management of the livestock.
    2.It helps prevent and control disease outbreak, provide solution to reduce losses and improve the breeding efficiency. Goat or Sheep ear tags are very valuable for large and medium-sized livestock farm.
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  • Rfid Cattle Ear Tags

    Contact NowRfid Cattle Ear TagsRFID Ear tags are widely used for cattles, sheep tracking management system. With RFID Tags,each animal can be identified and tracked.Read More