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About Us
Kimeery is a professional manufacturer of RFiD Tags, started in 2006 with the primary objective of distinct culture of customer satisfaction through product quality, affordability and on time delivery,and own strong R&D group for develop good and stable performance rfid tags.
We are professional rfid tags company which have a lot of our own patents such as rfid tire tags, soft anti-metal tags,super mini rfid tags also anti-metal,and ABS anti-metal tags,and we have the capability to design and manufacture customized tags in various frequencies (LF, HF & UHF) as per ISO Standards.
Kimeery is based on its own technology development with more than 10 pieces patents.Business covers all kinds of RFID tags such as LF rfid tags/labels,HF rfid tags/labels and UHF rfid labels. Especially our patent products-RFID such as rfid tire tag, RFID soft printable anti-metal tag, RFID Super mini only φ8.6mm tag,rfid small ABS anti-metal tags etc
which are widely used for commodity traceability, security identification, vehicle insurance management,vehicle inspection, Electronic toll collection, e-parking, item sealing and ticket management,asset management,PC management,laundry management,hospital medicine management etc.
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