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RFID Technology Applications | Medical Waste Disposal Trace Management
Apr 14, 2017

RFID technology in the medical application has been more common, mainly used in the doctor rounds, nursing nursery ward hanging water, to the patient feeding and so on. (Specific system application, refer to the article: RFID used in medical wireless infusion management system.) Medical waste in the presence of infectious bacteria, viruses, chemical pollution and radioactive substances are extremely dangerous, is considered "top dangerous "And" deadly killer ".

RFID medical waste disposal management system is the use of radio frequency identification technology, satellite positioning technology, network technology, to achieve the medical waste generation, recycling, transportation, processing and other monitoring and tracking the whole process.

System problems and challenges

1, the data is not preserved (paper data is easy to damage, difficult to save and take up space).

2, the operation is not standardized (the staff is not strong sense, the packaging is not standardized, the transfer does not follow the requirements of the implementation, etc.).

3, training and management costs are high (personnel mobility, training waste a long time; most training for the repeated training, waste of human and material resources).

4, illegal misappropriation of regulatory difficulties (for private profits illegal betting, despite repeated prohibition, targeted drilling management loopholes).