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Cosmetic Label Material Selection
Apr 14, 2017

1. Mirror coated paper, this kind of self-adhesive label is used in advanced multi-color product label. Usually used in drugs, food, electrical appliances, stationery and other items of information labels.

2. Matte paper, offset paper, such self-adhesive labels used on the use of label paper. Usually used in high-speed laser printing, inkjet printing of information labels or bar code labels.

3. fragile stickers, the main function is security and warranty, such self-adhesive labels can not be used after shredding. Usually used in electrical appliances, medicines and other goods security.

4. Polyethylene label, observe the appearance of fabric is more transparent and bright, the color was milky white.

5. Thermal paper, usually in the commodity price above easy to see, the application is more common.