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Bar Code
Apr 14, 2017

Enterprises in each product above a unique logo bar code, you can have encrypted one-dimensional code, encrypted two-dimensional code and other forms, including product variety information, production information, serial number, sales information, in particular, two-dimensional bar code You can record more detailed product sales area, sales leader, key parts serial number and other data and information, so as to add a unique product, complete, confidential identity and attribute identifier.

One-dimensional code records about 20 bits of information, two-dimensional code records hundreds of information. One-dimensional code investment less, two-dimensional code investment.

Further, the enterprise can be on the goods out of storage, storage, logistics and other links through the rapid reading bar code to achieve strict monitoring and distribution network in the various business outlets have a strong commodity verification function, business outlets according to the need for goods Sales area, product attributes, etc. to verify and match the verification function will be specific through the portable bar code scanning terminal, or through a laptop computer plus bar code scanner to achieve.

In the production management module, including the label management (definition, print, read, data encryption), product management (attribute add, delete, modify), user rights management, data upload and download management and other functions.